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Eastwise Group has secured planning for over 1000 houses and apartments. We are seeking partnership opportunities with land owners of zoned land or land which has planning permission.

Eastwise can help with the Residential Zoned Land Tax as a value can be released to cover the tax costs. Residential Zoned Land Tax is payable from 1st February 2024.

It typically can take up to 2 years to obtain planning permission, so it is already too late to avoid paying the tax if you want to extract the maximum value of your land and not sell it with just an agricultural land value.

Eastwise will enter into an agreement with you to purchase your land subject to planning permission which ensures you realise the maximum potential in the long-term. In an arrangement it is always best to align interests, so the agreement is based on a per unit basis so the more units we achieve, the more you benefit also.

Eastwise will do all the work and pay the costs for the design, planning consultants and planning fees for an application to the local authority.

Eastwise is committed to striving for excellence by ensuring their developments exceed expectations in terms of quality, style, design, location and value, so you can be assured that the development will be beneficial to the locality.

Eastwise believes in carrying over their philosophy ‘Creating Communities’ by supporting local organisations and businesses.

Please contact us today to let us know your details and we will be in touch.